A library with no librarians?

In spite of our best efforts, the Toronto Public Library is going ahead with a ridiculous plan to open some branches with no librarians or even security on site.

The Toronto Public Library plans to open two branch libraries – Swansea and Todmorden - with no on-site staff or security during early morning and late evening hours when the branches would otherwise be closed.

They say it’s only a test, but it could well lead to staffless periods at branches throughout the city because Our Public Library has been chronically underfunded for years.

It’s not too late to stop this bad idea from spreading beyond the two branches where it is being tested. 

Please send a message to the Library Board chair that this plan has got to stop.

Please send a message to the Chair of the Toronto Public Library Board now!

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Mr. Ron Carinci
Chair, Toronto Public Library Board
Dear Mr. Carinci,
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