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Staffless Libraries - use at your own risk

Imagine.  It’s a dark, stormy afternoon. You’re all alone in the library, reading quietly or absorbed in a computer screen.  You hear the door click. Someone lets themselves in and walks straight towards you.  There’s no library staff or security on site.  There’s nowhere to go.  You can’t call for help. The cameras only record video and are only monitored by the one security guard at the Reference Library. It’s just you and a stranger.

This is not some fictional crime story.  It’s a scary reality brought to you by Vickery Bowles, chief bureaucrat of the Toronto Public Library.

With no public consultation, or thought about the consequences for library users, Vickery is pressing forward with her personal agenda.

Staffless Libraries are a misguided and dangerous idea being tested right now in two neighbourhood branches. 

That’s right; a library with no reference services, no collections advice, no programs.  It’s really not a library at all.

If you think Staffless Libraries are a bad idea, please send a message to Mayor John Tory right now.

Send your message now

Mayor of Toronto,
Mayor of Toronto

CC: Toronto Public Library Board and your local city councillor.